dispute resolution

It is not always possible for parties to resolve their disputes by informal methods; sometimes parties require that a decision be imposed by a neutral third party or by the court. Where parties seek to have their dispute resolved on a more formal basis, Donald Pugh has experience of:
  • Adjudication (under the Scheme for Construction Contracts Regulations 1998)

  • Mediation (under the auspices of CEDR)

  • Arbitration (both domestic and international)

  • Applications made and orders secured in the Magistrates' Court

  • London County Court

  • Technology and Construction Court (formerly the Official Referees' Court - part of the High Court)

  • Lands Tribunal

Please see the attached Summary of Projects and Cases (from 1994 to date) for further details of the type and size of disputes upon which Donald Pugh has either received instructions or assisted during the course of his legal career.