summary of projects and cases

principal cases

Date/Location Amount in Dispute Brief Description Position
£20k - £1.2m Various appointments as adjudicator, under JCT contracts and Scheme. Named Adjudicator in various contracts. (Contract value up to £28m) Adjudicator
£30k - £1m+ Claims (Claimant and Defendant) in the High Court (TCC and Chancery) and various other matters in County Courts, enforcement of adjudicator's decisions in TCC and Appeals to High Court Solicitor
£3m+ Party representative in construction arbitration regarding disputed final account. Including various applications to High Court on procedural matters and defending application for permission to appeal on a point of law Solicitor
£500k+ Party representative in mediation connected with property development dispute & fire insurance claim Solicitor
2001 (UK) N/A Appointed to Board of Adjudicators for PFI project Solicitor
2001 (UK) £1.1m Party representative in building surveying dispute Solicitor
2001 (UK) £12-14m Senior assistant solicitor in a case
in the TCC involving a disputed final account on an out-of-town shopping centre
2000 (UK) £7m Instructed by development company to investigate claims from the contractor on a £24m office development Solicitor
(Hong Kong)
HK$520m HK$130m Instructed by Airports Authority to investigate claims from a JV company on tunnel and airfield works Consultant/Solicitor
(non practising)
1999 (UK) £0.15-0.25m Appointed to neutrally review claims on a variety of commercial developments Consultant
1999 (UK) N/A Advised alliance contractor on a naval shipyard in connection with development of claims under GMP contract Consultant
1999 (UK) £0.25m Appointed to neutrally review claims on a variety of commercial developments Consultant/expert
1994 - 97

Variety of arbitrations and litigation - civil engineering company (in admin- istrative receivership), fire insurance claim, dairy products factory Assistant to partner solicitor
1994 - 97
US$230m Arbitration dispute, military airbase defending variety of claims by contractor connected with sand borrow, crushing of stone and multiple other claims affecting critical path Assistant to partner solicitor

principal projects

Date/Location Amount in Dispute Brief Description Position
1993-94 (UK) £75m Railway depot for Channel Tunnel Rolling stock Seconded to give
advice on claims
1989-93 (UK) £44m
New 14 storey office building
Office redevelopment
Railway depot for Channel Tunnel Rolling stocks
Commercial manager
Commercial manager
Commercial manager
1984-89 (UK) £9m
New 8 storey office building
Factory developments
Site based Senior QS / Managing Surveyor
(Saudi Arabia)
£40m Road project, including bridges, elevated intersection, culverts, retaining walls Site based Senior QS
1974-82 (UK) £0.25m to
Variety of new build and refurbishment projects ranging from nurses' homes to bus stations Estimator/planner/
Contracts surveyor
1972-74 (UK) £1.5m

Testing laboratory Assistant site PQS
1972-74 (UK) £3.8m Tablet manufacturing building Assistant site PQS